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Clare Shortall-Emery
Principal Funeral Director

Ballard & Shortall Funeral Directors in Mid-Sussex and Surrey

Ballard & Shortall offer funeral directors in Crawley, Horsham, East Grinstead, Horley and Forest Row. Our history just about creeps into the 19th century, with our founding in 1899 on Three Bridges Road. Since then, we’ve worked with thousands of local families. We’ve even assisted with funeral arrangements for the much-loved children’s author, AA Milne.

Ballard & Shortall brings together some of the best-respected funeral providers from the local area. Our Principal Funeral Director, Clare Shortall-Emery alongside Funeral Director, Kevin West the team work tirelessly to ensure that our name is top of the list when it comes to funeral directors in Sussex.

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Our team

Clare Shortall-Emery

General Manager, Crawley

Nicki Kennedy

Funeral Home Manager, Crawley

Kevin West

Funeral Director, Horley

Nicola Barraclough

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Horley

Yvette Dearlove

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Horley

Sue Whittlesey

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Horsham

Sarah Leadbetter

Funeral Arranger, Horsham and Community Champion for Ballard & Shortall

Manjit Burji

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Crawley

Donna Saunders

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Forest Row

Pippa Yates

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Forest Row and Community Champion for Ballard & Shortall

Joanna Read

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, East Grinstead

Daniel Young

Embalmer, East Grinstead

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