Planning a Funeral​

We understand how devastating it can be when someone close to you dies, and what a difficult and confusing period it is to navigate.

Organising a funeral service is easier with us.

When someone close to you dies, the next steps aren’t always immediately clear.

That’s when experience is more valuable than ever.

We’ll talk you through each decision, and take care of every detail to help you put together a meaningful service that will be remembered for years to come.

Funerals can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Some people choose a small, family gathering at a local venue. Others prefer a grand affair. Either way, we believe that the most meaningful ceremonies are those which place emphasis on personality.

Our Service

We'll help and guide you through each decision and take care of every important detail to help you to create a meaningful service for your loved one. Our funeral planning service covers all areas.

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Funeral Costs

Just as we strive to offer ceremonies for all personalities, so too do we offer services for all budgets. This is part of our philosophy as a family-owned business.

Our guide to expenses

Planning the service

Personality is everything. That’s why we make it easy for you to tailor every last detail to suit your wishes. Read about just a few of the ways you can personalise your service.

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A memorial to a loved one can be many things. However you see it, we hope that in this section you will find choice or inspiration for your own memorial.

For a practical guide on all aspects of funeral planning, download our handy and informative 24-page brochure for easy reference and advice.


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A new study commissioned by CPJ Field has revealed that 44% of respondents considered planning their own funeral- this includes 51% of Britons ages sixty and over.

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