We are committed to caring for those that have died and for their family and friends left behind. Never Alone provides information and guidance on how to reduce feelings of loneliness. Offering emotional or practical support, and wellbeing advice, Never Alone offers useful access to local services, bringing brighter times ahead.

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Tackling loneliness and achieving a sense of wellbeing

Loneliness is often triggered by different life events such as a bereavement, moving home, a change in relationships or work which can greatly affect us and make us feel isolated and alone.

As a 10th generation family funeral director, at CPJ Field we experience first-hand the impact of loneliness. It is not a straightforward feeling and is unique to each person. With this in mind, we are consistently enhancing our Never Alone programme, and by so doing, aim to get to the heart of supporting people in our local areas so that loneliness is better understood and overcome. Your daily wellbeing is very important to us.

Our doors are always open. It is completely normal to reach out for help. No one should be alone. We are here to help show people where to find more help and our directories are bulging.

Funeral Director, Cooper & Son

Supporting you or someone close to you

Maybe it is you who is feeling lonely, isolated, or just up and down each day. Alternatively, you may have a parent or another family member or friend in need of support, perhaps not on your doorstep and feeling the distance isolating. Either way, we can help.

How can Never Alone help you?

Never Alone provides a hub of resources offering information on local groups, advice on emotional and physical health and how to boost a greater sense of wellbeing. We also run a number of community initiatives of our own in the local communities in which we serve. By providing the links to support tools we hope to make a difficult time a little easier.

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Social Prescribing

What is Social Prescribing?

We fully endorse the principle of social prescribing and are delighted to work with local healthcare professionals to help support good and mental physical health, especially at the time of bereavement and other times of loneliness.

Studies show improvements in the quality of life and emotional wellbeing following the involvement of social prescribing. We continue to work and build our programme and events in support of social prescribing.

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CPJ Field Community Events

Would you like to join us at a local CPJ Field event?

Finding others with whom to share a chat or a new interest can be a positive mood booster, an endorphin lift and can bring about a sense of security and happiness. Across our funeral homes we hold community events throughout the week such as free coffee mornings, lunch groups, knit & natter and community choir groups. Our Never Alone events are open to people of all ages, bereaved or not.

Sign up to join one of our local activities in the community and or find other like-minded people to chat with over a cup of tea and biscuits.

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Local Groups

Do you want to learn a new skill or meet new people? We can help you find something that might interest you

Never Alone provides information and resources on how to find the best local groups from theatrical groups, arts and crafts to social clubs and groups which assist with financial or legal matters. Local groups are a wonderful way to join in with an activity, learn something new, and meet like-minded people on your doorstep.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Improving our wellbeing can lead to many benefits such as feeling happier and being better able to manage our emotions.

If you need information on where you can find national support for common mental health issues, and how you can prioritise your wellbeing to make you feel more positive and happier, we can help.

We recommend ways in which you can connect with people around you and suggest how you can become more active, so that you can build a life that feels healthier.

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Practical Advice & Support

Do you have a will that needs writing or would like to chat to a local solicitor?

Never Alone provides a wealth of information and support on practical matters such as administrative, legal, and financial concerns. We provide introductions to the most appropriate services for you.

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