Making funeral arrangements through the Coronavirus pandemic

Caring for the living and the dead through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Can I still have a funeral?

Yes, the Government have explicitly allowed funerals to continue. However, attendance is limited to just immediate family members, and many service locations (such as Crematoria) have applied a limit of no more than 10 mourners. We define “immediate family” members as: parents (or carers), spouses, siblings, children (and their spouses). (more below).

Can I still go to church?

Yes, but restrictions (above) apply to who may attend and most churches are encouraging graveside services now.

Planning the funeral?

Although this will be difficult for everyone, funeral numbers will have to be kept to a minimum. We advise close family only and that this should be communicated to the wider circle of family, friends and colleagues in advance.

How else can people take part?

It may be possible to provide video or audio links or to record the funeral for later. Or someone else present to stream the ceremony using their own devise. We can also send people an order of service by email or post. Please see our blog 'Social distancing, self-isolation, Covid-19 and funeral ceremonies' for further advise and suggestions.

Is a wake allowed?

Sadly not now - but of course it will be possible to hold a memorial service, gathering or wake at a later date or hold a virtual funeral reception immediately following the funeral service.

For more information on either of these, please see our guidance on holding a virtual funeral reception, or advice on having a memorial service, gathering or wake at a later date here.

Can I still choose a coffin?

At the present time, we are still able to provide a range of coffin choices. As the majority of our coffins are made to order - restrictions may be applied according to availability.

Will cremations become mandatory?

At this stage, the Government has undertaken to ensure that specific preferences that relate to religious belief will be respected. The earlier the date you set the better chance that further restrictions will not apply.

Could the funeral be delayed?

At the present time, we are not experiencing any significant delays to funerals. We are aware that the impact of COVID-19 has placed pressure on some essential elements of the funeral arrangement process, such as registration of death. Our funeral director will provide you with further advice and guidance.

What if my Funeral Director has to close?

We are a longstanding family business with a number of funeral homes. In the event that our funeral home local to you has to close temporarily, we will ensure that you are provided with continuity of care through a named funeral director during that period of closure. A temporary closure of a funeral home will not adversely impact our ability to deliver funeral ceremonies or services.

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