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Coffins and caskets serve as more than a resting place. They’ll often be an important centre-piece during the funeral service, too. That’s why we offer a broad range of coffin prices, styles, sizes, and materials.

All of our wooden coffins are 100% environmentally friendly. They’re made from wood which has been accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council. The manufacturing process is carbon neutral, and free from the use of hazardous chemicals.

Below you can see some examples from our range of funeral caskets and coffins. Further detail can be found via Our Coffin Selection brochure.

Islay Coffin



Oak veneer chipboard coffin with plain sides and plain lid.

Oakham Coffin



Solid oak coffin with plain sides and plain lid.

Ascot Coffin



Solid oak coffin with plain sides and raised lid.

Barnard Coffin



Solid oak coffin with panelled sides and raised lid.

Brighton Coffin



Solid pine coffin with plain sides, plain lid and wooden handles.

Swaledale Coffin



Oval shaped coffin made in wool and cardboard.

Wicker Coffin

Wicker / Willow


Fair Trade traditional shape coffin made in willow.

Bamboo Coffin



Fairtrade traditional shape bamboo coffin.

Seagrass Coffin 1



Fair Trade oval shape coffin made with Seagrass.

Vatican Coffin



Solid wood coffin with carved ‘Last Supper’ detail on the sides and raised lid with additional decorative carving.

Winchester Coffin



Oak veneered MDF coffin with last supper feature on the side and raised lid.

Mary Coffin

Trinity Head of Mary


Solid mahogany coffin with carved Head of Mary detail on the sides and raised lid.

Custom Coffin

Picture Coffin

From £625

MDF coffin with plain sides and plain lid with stock or custom imagery applied.

Oxford Blue Coffin



Oak veneer MDF coffin with detail lid and panel sides finished in a choice of colours.

Aegean Casket

Classic Copper


American style metal casket in a copper finish with end details and split lid.

Proventus Casket



Polished mahogany casket with domed lid.

Buckingham Coffin



Solid mahogany English style casket with split lid.

If you’d like to know more about our coffins and caskets offering, please contact your local funeral directors.

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