Getting in contact with us through the Coronavirus pandemic

Caring for the living and the dead through the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a disease that effects people’s lungs and airways. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve learned that most people recover but for some people (over seventies or for those suffering underlying health conditions) it can be fatal.

How to find a funeral home near me?

Search via our Locations page. The addresses and locations of all our Funeral Homes are on our Locations page.

What do I need to do register the death?

Make an appointment with the Registrar (online or over the phone) and they will call you back. It should be possible to register the death over the phone. We can advise you on the changes to death certification and registration requirements. The relevant paperwork will be sent direct to the registrar via email. Find a register office here

How can I find out about the services you offer?

The best thing to do is talk to us. We answer the phone any time of day or night. If you prefer to do your own research then a full list of the services that we provide are available to view in the Funeral Planning section of our website.

Can I arrange a funeral?

All our funeral homes are open. We ask that no more than 1 or 2 people come in at a time please. If you are unable to come and see us we may be able to arrange a home visit with suitable precautions. Alternatively we can use phone or video call if you’d feel safer.

What if I’m self-isolating?

We can make funeral arrangements over the phone, or online via video call. We can also arrange for funerals to be If you’re waiting for test results or have tested positive you can leave isolation to attend the funeral. You are strongly advised not to particularly thinking about the risk to other mourners who may be vulnerable. If you do please let us know so that we can make appropriate arrangements. You will need to wear a type IIr face mask (available from pharmacies and other High Street shops). A non-surgical face covering is not sufficient. Unfortunately you must make the arrangements without leaving isolation. Please call for more details.

What if my local funeral home has closed?

Our services are available 24/7, if for whatever reason your local funeral home is closed, please call our number and one of our trained funeral professionals will help you.

What to do if someone dies abroad?

We have specialist colleagues who support families that have lost loved ones overseas or away from home. They will work with your local funeral home to help you bring your loved one home.

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