Caring for the living and the dead through the Coronavirus pandemic

Losing a loved one is a heart wrenching time for anyone.

As human beings we have a deep need to care for our dead. We need time and space to grieve. We need the love and support of each other. In times acute loss - a personal and relevant funeral experience can be of great comfort.

This is why the Government have singled funerals out in their latest guidelines.

We will do all we can to care for you, your family and your loved one through this difficult time – as well as to keep us all safe.

To keep up to date with the latest Government guidelines you can follow this link:

To find out how we can support you can call or email a member of the team at your nearest funeral home:

For our most recent FAQs* – please read on

  1. Getting in contact with us
  2. Caring for your loved one
  3. Making funeral arrangements
  4. The funeral
  5. Ongoing care

*In this fast moving situation, it may be necessary to update this advice in the coming days.