Articles - 08/06/2022

How To Add Personal Touches To Make A Funeral Unique

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There are lots of ways to add personal touches to make a funeral unique so that it is a true reflection of the life of the person who has died. These can be simply incorporated into a funeral service, without impacting on or diminishing from the respectful element of the service itself.

Here at CPJ Field, family funeral directors located in the south of England, we strongly believe that, should you choose, the unique character and personality of your loved one should not be concealed by tradition and ceremony. Funerals are changing with the times with families choosing to plan funerals that honour and also reflect the life, interests, hobbies and passions of the person who has died. In this article we look at nine aspects of the funeral service that can be considered with ideas to create a unique funeral for your loved one.

Nine ways to add personal touches to make a funeral unique

8. Personal venues

Carefully consider your choice of venue.

If you are planning a more traditional funeral, the location may be more obvious as your loved one may have had specific religious values. However, you do not have to opt for this, as there is no legal requirement stating the funeral ceremony must take place in a church, crematorium, or other place of worship.

To add a personal touch to make a funeral unique could start with the venue. Possibilities could include private gardens, listed buildings, a sports complex, village hall or your own house and garden. However, permission may be required to take a coffin into these places.

How can CPJ Field help you add personal touches to make a funeral unique?

CPJ Field has years of experience in helping to add personal touches to make a funeral unique; little things can make a big difference when saying ‘goodbye’ to a loved one. CPJ Field are the funeral directors you can trust so that everything is organised to a ‘T’ creating that truly unique and personal funeral ceremony you are hoping to create. We will be able to help with musical choices, bespoke coffins, keepsakes, floral arrangements, modes of transport and more.