Funerals typically involve an element of travel, and why not travel in style?

Your mode of transport may seem a formality, but it can help to help bring a touch of personality to your service.

If opting for a traditional funeral arrangement, the hearse will take the coffin to the funeral service and is often followed by limousines or private cars carrying family members.

Our fleet of traditional hearses and chauffeur-driven limousines are an integral part of the funeral procession. We meticulously maintain our hearses with dependable chauffeur bearers to match. After the funeral, our limousines will wait for you and return you to a local destination of your choice.

For an alternative, bespoke means of transport, why not celebrate your loved one’s life in a more personal way? We arrange transport using a wide variety of specialist vehicles for a truly tailored transport choice. You might be surprised by the breadth of choice available. Some of our favourite choices have been:

  • Horse-drawn hearse
  • Motorcycle hearses
  • Military vehicles
  • Electric hearses
  • Volkswagen Beetles
  • 4x4s
  • Vintage lorries
  • Many, many more

All manner of arrangements can be made to create a truly unique funeral. Just ask.

Traditional Hearse

CPJ Field Rolls Royce Hearse

Rolls Royce

A classic hearse, spacious and traditional, to accommodate all coffins and caskets.

CPJ Field Silver Mercedes

Silver Mercedes

A stunning fleet of modern silver hearses and limousines.

Alternative Hearse

CPJ Field Horse Drawn Hearse

Horse-drawn Hearse

With two or four beautiful horses, this is a graceful way to make the last journey.

CPJ Field Motocycle Hearse

Motorcycle Hearse

With several motorcycles to choose from, the coffin is carried in an elegant side car with space for floral tributes above.

CPJ Field Electric Hearse

Electric Hearse

For a more environmentally friendly choice, electric hearses are available in several colours.

CPJ Field Land Rover Hearse

Land Rover Hearse

For a unique and special send off.

CPJ Field Tank Hearse

"Tank" Hearse

For military enthusiasts, this provides a fitting mark of respect

CPJ Field Vintage Austin Hearse

Vintage Austin

For originality and style, a beautiful choice to add heritage and history to the day.

CPJ Field Bicycle Hearse

Bicycle Hearse

For an eco-friendly option, a two-wheeler option is perfectly fitting.

CPJ Field VW Hearse

Volkswagen Hearse

For a retro choice, the camper van suits many.

CPJ Field Red London Bus Hearse2

Red London Bus Hearse

Traditional and classic, with the scope to accommodate mourners too.

CPJ Field Union Jack Hearse

Union Jack Hearse

For a patriotic choice or other colourful transport options.