Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers have for centuries been an integral part of our services, offering a welcome addition of colour and beauty to the venue.

They are a lovely way to create a fitting tribute. When considering the favourite flowers of your loved one, they can also convey a deep personal meaning too. With so many choices, what are things to consider when choosing funeral flowers?

How to choose funeral flowers

When selecting your funeral flowers, you may wish to consider:

  • The wishes of the family and if charity donations have been requested rather than flowers
  • The faith and religion of the deceased person and which flowers are the most appropriate
  • Which flowers would suit the personality of the deceased person
  • What type of arrangement would be most suitable when choosing funeral flowers

To find out more about flower types, their meaning and types of arrangements for funerals, see our full guide on Choosing Funeral Flowers.

As part of our service, we can order your choice of funeral flowers from our local florists. We can also place orders on behalf of other attendees at a modest cost, promising funeral flower prices to suit you.