Urns and

Following a cremation, you have the choice of scattering ashes in a special place, interring at a church or cemetery, or holding on to them as a lasting memory of your loved one.

Those who prefer to hold on to remains often like to have a fitting container. We offer a selection of handcrafted, artisanal urns and caskets for ashes. You can also choose to have the ashes kept in a small keepsake, such as an item of jewellery.

As ever, personalisation is a priority. Browse our brochure to explore the wealth of funeral urns available.

The urns and ashes caskets illustrated below represents a sample of our range

Canterbury Oak Ashes Casket



The Canterbury Casket is a plain casket made of part veneer and part solid Oak, supplied with an engraved nickel effect plate. It is available in either Oak or Mahogany.

Chichester Ashes Casket



The Chichester Casket is another coloured wood type casket and is complete with a brass effect ring handle at each end, supplied with a suitably engraved brass effect plate. It is available in either Oak or Mahogany.

Cotswold Ashes Casket



The Cotswold is a cardboard ashes casket covered in a natural cotton cover offering a suitable alternative for natural burial grounds.

Guildford Ashes Casket



The Guildford Casket is a solid wood type of casket, ornate in style and finished in a light colour, supplied with a suitably inscribed brass or nickel effect plate. It is available in Oak or Mahogany.

Rochester Oak Ashes Casket



The Rochester Casket is a plain wooden type being made of solid timber and light in colour, supplied with an inscribed brass effect plate. It is available in either Oak or Mahogany.

Swaledale Ashes Casket



The Swaledale Casket is made from wool produced in the UK. It is made by Hainsworth Ltd, at their mill in the north of England. It offers a subtle alternative to the more traditional wooden ashes caskets.

If you’d like to know more about our urns and keepsakes offering, please contact your local funeral directors.

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