Plaques and Tablets

A memorial to a loved one can be many things. It can be a summary of a life. It can be a tribute to things achieved or a remembrance of things enjoyed. It may even be a simple last act of love for one lost.

A cremation memorial is usually smaller than a memorial on a full grave and there will be regulations which may in part govern the memorial selected. Regulations in cemeteries are likely to be more liberal than in churchyards. We will ensure that the memorial you choose matches the regulations and will seek the necessary permit on your behalf.

The memorials shown on this page are indicative of what may be permitted. Other designs may be achieved by adapting these to suit the dimensions or style required.

Flat tablets

La1 casemore3

LA1: Nabresina

La2 hooker3

LA2: York stone

La3 allen5

LA3: Dark grey granite

Desk and wedge tablets

La6 elve judith

LA6: Black granite

La7 shenstone thomas

LA7: Light grey granite

La8 wright ronald

LA8: Light grey granite

Mounted tablets

La9 abley

LA9: Light grey granite

La10 hart susan

LA10: Black granite

La11 kindell monica

LA11: Blue pearl granite