Headstones and stonemasonry represent timeless traditions that have been present throughout our time as funeral directors.

We believe this is the time for something special – a real act of craftsmanship.

Like all our services, every aspect of our headstones can be personalised. Choose from a range of headstone ideas, colours, and finishes. We’ll even help you with the all-important message.

The below examples can give you an idea of the types of headstones that can be produced.


Pl1 ball geoffrey

PL1: Light grey granite

Pl2 thorpe bernard

PL2: Black granite

Pl4 hollis roy

PL4: Dark grey granite


Pl7 wood

PL7: York

Pl8 ballim

PL8: Nabresina

Pl11 thomas

PL11: York


Pl15d aris

PL15: Blue pearl

Pl16 seaton henry

PL16: Cornish

Pl18 rawding

PL18: Balmoral


Pl19 kunzig


Pl20 mullis


Pl23 blye


Memorials fixed straight into the ground

Pl26 collin3

PL26: Serena stone

Pl27 richardson trevor

PL27: Welsh slate

Pl29 williams john

PL29: York stone

Other designs

Pl31 blamires colin

PL31: Dark grey granite

Pl32 bone

PL32: Nabresina

Pl35 keen maurice

PL35: Balmoral granite

Full grave

Pl46 schmidt mary

PL46: Black granite

Pl47 barr1

PL47: Paradiso granite

Pl49 munt dorothy

PL49: Balmoral granite


Pl51 terry

PL51: Blue pearl granite

Pl54 dale

PL54: Dark grey granite

Pl55 wright

PL55: Marble


Pl58 sandell

PL58: Marble

Pl59 jamieson

PL59: Dark Grey Granite

Pl60 moat

PL60: Marble

Headstone Renovation?

If you'd like to have an existing headstone or stonemasonry renovated, this is a service we can provide. Examples can be seen in our Renovation brochure.