Headstones and stonemasonry represent timeless traditions that have been present throughout our time as funeral directors.

We believe this is the time for something special – a real act of craftsmanship.

Like all our services, every aspect of our headstones can be personalised. Choose from a range of headstone ideas, colours, and finishes. We’ll even help you with the all-important message.

Our Memorials brochure can give you an idea of the types of headstones that can be produced. We also have a brochure for Cremation tablets which highlights examples of work we have previously produced.

Alternatively, benches, natural living memorials, and numerous other stone memorial items can be created in lieu of traditional masonry.

If you'd like to have an existing headstone or stonemasonry renovated, this is a service we can provide. Examples can be seen in our Renovation brochure.

If you’d like to know more about our monumental masonry offering, please contact your local funeral directors.

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