The Benefits of Social Prescribing

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In recent times, social prescribing has become a recognised referral process that is used by health practitioners to help those affected by loneliness, isolation, stress, and other emotional needs.

What is social prescribing?

The National Health Service states that social prescribing is a key component of their care. It is an approach that connects people to activities, groups, and services in their community.

In social prescribing, local agencies such as local charities, social care and health services refer people to a social prescribing link worker. Social prescribing link workers produce a personalised care and support plan to allow people to take control of their health and wellbeing.

How is social prescribing relevant to CPJ Field?

We are very interested in how social prescribing can promote good mental health, helping to combat the symptoms of loneliness and isolation. We are very proud of the active role that we play in the local communities that we serve both through charitable donations and offering direct support.

We are dedicated to caring for those that have died and for their family and friends left behind. We are equally proud of the strong relationships our colleagues build with the families in our care, and we continue to support them well beyond the funeral service, helping them to manage their grief and continue life without their loved one.

Our Never Alone Programmes

We run a ‘Never Alone’ programme, a series of community initiatives designed to help tackle loneliness and build links between people in the local community, which have begun to be signposted by local GPs as part of social prescribing.

The Never Alone events are free and open to people of all ages, bereaved or not. For more information about Never Alone events happening in your area please refer to our Never Alone section of the website.

For more information on social prescribing and its benefits, please see our social prescribing guide by tapping the button below.