Finding out what practical help is available

Immediate practical support often comes from family and friends, however, sometimes we need more help and impartial advice. Here are a few resources that may help your specific situation:

  • Legal and Finance Professionals
  • Community and religious organisations
  • Social Services
  • Estate Planners

We support many families who are experiencing a recent bereavement or grief, and who may be overwhelmed with practical matters such as probate, wills, or estate management. Our Never Alone programme signposts local companies and advisers who are available to offer direct support when you need it most.

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Building community connections with local professionals

We understand that when you feel lonely or isolated seeking help can feel like a big step. We are very proud of the active role that we take in our local communities, and through our many and varied local connections, we seamlessly build links between families and local professionals, offering the help needed at a time when its needed most.

Some of our connections include legal advisers, solicitors, accountants, charities, relevant government bodies, or consumer rights advice.

We also offer a hub of online resources for grief counselling, loneliness support, mental health support and social prescribing.