Our Never Alone programme is designed to provide easy access to local groups who may be able to help support you. There is a vast array of local groups and finding the right one that meets your needs and interests can be truly fulfilling.

It could be that you want to join a book club, learn to sing, learn how to paint landscapes, or join a creative writing group. You may prefer to get active and pick up where you left off with your fitness or join a yoga or pilates class.

New activities are essential to the wellbeing of us all and can be rejuvenating and clubs or groups founded for a specific purpose can be equally important. We recommend a range of local groups from a wide array of hobbies and pastimes, to practical advice and support.

Local Groups

Start a new hobby

Having a wide choice of groups to pick up an old hobby or start a new one can be a wonderful way to meet new people.

We recommend local groups ranging from chess, bridge, poker, bingo, knitting, to bowls and more.

Become part of a social group or club

Sometimes joining a club where you can meet, have lunch, listen to speakers, and meet like-minded people can be very enjoyable and fulfilling.

We can put you in touch with local clubs such as rotary clubs, golf clubs, holiday clubs, or counselling services.

Get involved in sport or fitness

Physical activity can be the greatest antidote to both physical or mental illness and bring health benefits such as improved mood and quality of life.

If you are looking for local sports clubs, fitness classes, wellbeing retreats, walking and hiking groups, and more, we can help you find what would suit you best.

Enjoy some leisure time in music, theatre, or arts and crafts

Would you like to join an amateur dramatics group or a choir?

There is so much choice when it comes to the arts from music groups to theatrical clubs and from painting classes to singing groups. We can help you find the best group for you regardless of prior experience.

Get stuck into a book or a literary group

If you are interested in meeting fellow bookworms, there are reading groups in most towns for friendly discussions and thought-provoking debates.