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The traditions of Heritage & Sons funeral directors date back to the 19th Century, and the founding of our first Winslow funeral home. Today, we offer funeral homes in Amersham, Aylesbury, Bletchley, Buckingham, Tring, Wendover, and Winslow.

Since our company’s beginnings in 1885, a lot has changed at Heritage & Sons. Our core values, though, remain the same. As a family-owned funeral directors, we place an emphasis on compassion, personality, and legacy.

It’s the job of our General Manager and Senior Funeral Director, Ben Blunt alongside Principal Funeral Directors, David Lloyd and Chloe McKnight to uphold our high standards, and deliver memorable funerals for the people of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

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Our Team

Ben Blunt

General Manager & Senior Funeral Director

Peter Linford

Head of Training, Wendover

David Lloyd

Principal Funeral Director, Buckingham & Winslow

Chloe McKnight

Principal Funeral Director, Amersham & Wendover

Nic Ross-Hamilton

Funeral Director, Bletchley

Lindsay Gurney

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Bletchley

Vaughan Ladyman

Funeral Director, Aylesbury Central & Aylesbury Gatehouse

Melanie Surman

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Aylesbury Central

Susan Barber

Funeral Home Manager, Aylesbury Gatehouse

Leila Surman

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Aylesbury Gatehouse

Sue Glasgow

Mobile Funeral Home Manager

Maria Butler

Community Champion for Buckinghamshire

Allison Bransby

Funeral Home Manager, Tring

Carol Pearson

Funeral Home Manager, Buckingham

Karen Munro

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Buckingham

Charlie Mann

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Winslow

Colleen Coyle

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Winslow

Lynda Conn

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Amersham

Rachel Tompkins

Deputy Funeral Services Manager, Winslow

Eugene Coyle

Funeral Service Team Member, Winslow

Stephen Gray

Funeral Service Team Member, Winslow

Alan Junges-Stainthorpe


Rachel Byrne

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Wendover

Sarah Capel

Trainee Funeral Director, Winslow

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