Scattering Ashes

Once you have received the ashes of your loved one, it can be difficult to know what to do with them. One option is to scatter them in a place of personal significance; perhaps a favourite scenic spot or holiday location. You may have questions such as where ashes can be scattered so in this guide, we will look at the different options to help guide you when deciding how and where to mark the occasion.

When can I collect my loved ones ashes?

When the ashes are ready for collection, a member of the team will contact you to make arrangements for collection. It usually takes approximately 24-72hours after the service for the ashes to be received from the crematorium. Unless you have purchased an ashes scatter tube, urn or other vessel, your loved ones ashes will be placed into an ashes box.

What is an ashes scatter tube?

A scatter tube is specially designed with a hole or holes located near the top so the ashes can be released smoothly, making the process simple and respectful. If you choose to purchase a scatter tube, we will place your loved ones ashes in the container before collection. Guidance on how to use the ashes tube will be explained when you collect them, along with a copy of our How to use your scatter tube leaflet.

What if I choose to keep the ashes?

Some like to keep hold of their loved ones ashes as a lasting memory. We offer a wide selection of handcrafted, artisanal urns and caskets for decorative ashes safekeeping. Further details can be found on our urns and keepsakes page. You can also choose to have the ashes kept in a small keepsake, such as an item of jewellery.

Where can I scatter my loved ones ashes?

For those who want to scatter their loved ones ashes, many choose to do so in a favourite location. If you want to scatter ashes on private land, you may be required to get the approval from the landowner. We can assist you in obtaining permission for this.

Can I scatter ashes at sea?

It is common practice for ashes to be scattered at sea or in rivers. The remains need to be carried in a waterproof container and must be scattered. They cannot be placed in the urn into the water.

Can I hold an ashes scattering ceremony?

Some like to scatter their loved ones ashes as part of a post-funeral celebration of life or ashes scattering ceremony with close friends and family near-by. If this is something you would be interested in, our experienced colleagues are here to support you in putting the arrangements in place.