Our Never Alone programme is designed to provide support for loneliness and other emotional and practical needs plus promote general wellbeing. We have recommendations to local groups who may be able to help you. Finding the right one that meets your needs or interests can be very fulfilling and truly boost your mood.

If you have a local group you would like to add to the listing below, please submit your details via the Google form here.


Friendly, welcoming social groups can be relaxed and informal and offer the chance to chat and build new friendships.

We recommend local social groups and clubs for women and men which provide entertainment, conversation and a range of social activities.

Coffee Morning

We ran a monthly morning coffee and lunch session with Brixton Pound Cafe. It is held at the Loughborough Farm Community Cafe at Loughborough Junction. Morning coffee is from 10:30am untill 12pm with some good company.

My Social

My social is a social membership service open to all ages brought to you by Age UK Lambeth. We run over 60 events a month from regular classes like Zumba and yoga to cultural trips like gallery exhibitions, jazz clubs and exciting events like parties and even a trip to an adult ball pit.

Tea & Coffee Morning

Join the Minet Library Tea and Coffee social group. Drop in for a chat, some card games, get mindful with some colouring in or just read a book.

Arts & Crafts

Would you like to get stuck in with an arts project or learn a new craft?

There is so much choice when it comes to arts clubs from painting to pottery making. We can help you find the best group for you.

Knitting Group

Join our knitting needles and yarn group. Needles and yarn provided but feel free to bring your own.

Cosy Craft Friday

Explore and learn crafts old and new.


Walking is a popular choice both for relaxation and fitness. If you would like to get outside a little more, it can quickly become an enjoyable activity, and there are many groups in your area who would love you to join them for beautiful country walks.

Guided walk

The walks are gently paced, cover about 1.5 miles in total, and provide an opportunity for you to learn a bit more about the area where John Ashby built his windmill in 1816, and how other important developments at that time have shaped this part of Brixton.


If you are interested in meeting fellow bookworms, there are reading groups in most towns for friendly discussions and thought-provoking debates. We can help pinpoint the perfect book group for you in your area.

Reading Group

Radical Readers is a reading group in Lambeth for regular book reading and discussion circles around politics, economics, social theory, poetry and anything else that takes our fancy.


Having a wide choice of groups to pick up an old hobby or start a new one can be a wonderful way to meet new people with a similar interest to you.

We recommend local groups and clubs ranging from chess, bridge, poker, bingo, knitting, to bowls.

Chess Club

Beginner, intermediate or grandmaster, all are welcome. No need to book; drop in and play!

Play Bridge

Join us to play Bridge. The sessions are free and there is no need to book. Just come along.

Music & Theatre

Would you like to join an amateur dramatics group or a choir?

Exploring music can be good for the soul. You can join music appreciation classes or join the church choir. Dancing is also a wonderful way to meet new people and have fun.

Let's Dance

Come down every second Monday of the month, between 1.45pm to 3pm you are very welcome to come and dance.

Venue has full disabled access. Wheelchair friendly. Everyone is welcome.

Never Alone can help you find the advice and support you need