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Damian Norman, Emma Tipler and Nick Skilton
Funeral Director

Cooper & Son Funeral Directors in Sussex

Cooper & Son is one of the oldest funeral directors in Sussex. No surprise, then, that legacy is important to us.

Our funeral directors in Seaford, Uckfield, Heathfield, and Lewes carry our name and our reputation. We’re here to provide personal and compassionate funeral services, that leave lasting memories in the hearts and minds of local people.

We were founded as R Jarvis in 1710, in Cross in Hand, Heathfield. Our current name came a little later, as the family took work as wheelwrights and undertakers, operating from Rose Cottage in 1856.

Our charming Rose Cottage is still every bit as beautiful as in 1856. The site was recently granted a Sussex Heritage Trust Award for the bespoke stained glass windows that feature in our visitors’ room.

At Rose Cottage, and our other funeral directors in Seaford, Heathfield, and Lewes, you’ll meet our experienced directors, all of whom work tirelessly to ensure that the Cooper & Son name remains synonymous with quality in the local area – Damian Norman, Emma Tipler and Nick Skilton.

Despite being among the oldest funeral directors in Sussex, today’s team is committed to providing modern, personalised funerals.

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Our team

Damian Norman

Funeral Director, Lewes

Emma Tipler

Funeral Director, Uckfield and Heathfield

Nick Skilton

Funeral Director, Seaford

Paula O'Neill

Funeral Arranger, Cross-in-Hand and Community Champion for Sussex

Deborah Lynam

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Uckfield

Angela Fisher

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Lewes

Heather Wickens

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Heathfield

Mandy Scudder

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Seaford

Marjorie Holloway

Funeral Arranger and Administrator, Lewes

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