Our Never Alone programme is designed to provide support for loneliness and other emotional and practical needs plus promote general wellbeing. We have recommendations to local groups who may be able to help you. Finding the right one that meets your needs or interests can be very fulfilling and truly boost your mood.

If you have a local group you would like to add to the listing below, please submit your details via the Google form here.


Friendly, welcoming social groups can be relaxed and informal and offer the chance to chat and build new friendships.

We recommend local social groups and clubs for women and men which provide entertainment, conversation and a range of social activities.

Horley Community Centre

The Horley Community Centre is open for a wide range of activities and lunch Monday to Friday.

Friendship Group

We are a friendly and welcoming environment which offers members the chance to take part in activities such as arts & crafts, day trips and national events. It's the perfect place to combat your loneliness, a great place to make new friends within your local community.

Arts & Crafts

Would you like to get stuck in with an arts project or learn a new craft?

There is so much choice when it comes to arts clubs from painting to pottery making. We can help you find the best group for you.


The group runs twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Horley Community Centre Craft Group

Learn some great craft skills and new projects in our monthly craft group. No need to book. £2 per session from 10am to 12pm on the 1st Friday of the month.


Walking is a popular choice both for relaxation and fitness. If you would like to get outside a little more, it can quickly become an enjoyable activity, and there are many groups in your area who would love you to join them for beautiful country walks.

Horley Walkie Talkies

Members of the group are of all different ages, backgrounds and fitness levels, making for a wonderfully diverse group. Like many, various members have gone through hard times over the last year and thanks to Horley Walkie Talkies, were able to overcome some of their personal difficulties.

Horley Health Walks

Walking is the perfect activity for health as almost everyone can do it, you can do it anywhere and anytime and its free! You can start slowly and building up gently and it's a chance to make new friends. Are you interested in walking or other activities but don't know where to start?


If you are interested in meeting fellow bookworms, there are reading groups in most towns for friendly discussions and thought-provoking debates. We can help pinpoint the perfect book group for you in your area.

Book Club

Being part of the club will open a new world of books, waiting to be explored page by page. The Book Club is only open to paid up members of Horley Evening WI and Book Club members are asked to contribute 50p a month towards the loan costs of the books.

Reading Group

Do you enjoy a good read? Relish a lively conversation? Like meeting people in a friendly environment? Why not join a library-hosted reading group?


Having a wide choice of groups to pick up an old hobby or start a new one can be a wonderful way to meet new people with a similar interest to you.

We recommend local groups and clubs ranging from chess, bridge, poker, bingo, knitting, to bowls.


We begin at 10:30 on the first Thursday of the month with a small discussion, this could be about anxiety, depression, loneliness etc. We then go onto a relaxation exercise using the breath. No knowledge of meditation or mindfulness necessary this is a mixed group and a safe space open to all.

Garden Visits

This is a friendly group for garden lovers of all types – active or not. The aim of the group is to visit interesting gardens of note
near and far in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Music & Theatre

Would you like to join an amateur dramatics group or a choir?

Exploring music can be good for the soul. You can join music appreciation classes or join the church choir. Dancing is also a wonderful way to meet new people and have fun.


This group aims to widen the appreciation of both the Classical music and Operatic worlds.

Horley Singers

Our musical programme covers modern to light classical, as we try to cater for all tastes within both the choir and our audience. Come and try us! We don't hold auditions and you don't have to read music. You may come and join in the singing, and you do not have to commit to sing in our concerts.

Never Alone can help you find the advice and support you need