What is a Funeral Plan?

By planning your funeral in advance, you can help to relieve the emotional and financial burden on those left behind and also make sure that any arrangements will be exactly as you want them.

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Why do I need a funeral plan?

Bereavement can be an intensely distressing time and planning a funeral in advance is one way you can help relieve some of this for your loved ones when the time comes.

In addition to the emotional and practical reasons for pre-planning, there are also some sound financial reasons to consider this option too. By prepaying now at today’s prices, you can protect your plan from the effects of inflation over the coming years, no matter when the service might actually take place.

Every funeral service is deeply personal and as unique as the individual planning it. We are committed to delivering a perfectly tailored, personalised service that provides for your individual needs and our partnership with Golden Leaves Limited allows us to create and deliver just that, for the people of our community.

The benefits of a funeral plan

Our range of funeral plans offer a straightforward, affordable way to plan and pay for the funeral you want, with our prices guaranteed if you choose this top up option. Our plans will guarantee to cover the complete cost of your cremation funeral when the time comes. If a burial is your desired funeral choice, your plan will pay a contribution towards the costs of cemetery and burial fees.


Your funeral, your way

We understand that everyone has different preferences and priorities and that everyone deserves to be treated as an individual. We’ll take all the time needed to fully discuss your wishes and requirements in detail, which may be very simple or much more complex.


Peace of mind

Your plan carries an inflation-proof guarantee so you do not need to worry about the possibility of increasing Funeral Directors’ costs. What is more, if you are not completely satisfied with your plan guarantee, your money will be returned to you.


Flexible payment options

You can enjoy the flexibility of paying for the arrangements either by monthly instalments or with a one-off payment, whichever suits you best. Also, if you choose to pay on a monthly basis, you can opt for a repayment period of between 1 and 5 years.

No intrusive questions

You don’t have to answer any awkward health questions and there is no upper age limit either. You can also be sure that we will treat any arrangements or enquiries in the utmost discretion.

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How much do funeral plans cost?

No Ceremony







Cremation only.

Simple Funeral Service suitable for burial or cremation.

Full funeral service at place of committal, allowing for a funeral cortège with one
Funeral service, including service at a separate venue prior to committal and two limousines.
From £2,399
From £2,769
From £3,389
From £4,349

How do I buy a Funeral Plan?

  • 1. Research your funeral plan

    We understand that everyone is unique and will have different ideas on how they would like to be remembered - just as no two lives are the same, no two funerals are the same. To ensure that we can provide you with the best possible service, we have developed a range of plans from which you can choose, or draw inspiration.

  • 2. Book an appointment to speak to one of Funeral Directors

    Whether you’re ready to buy, or have questions, ​​sometimes it is simply helpful to talk to someone and our team of compassionate colleagues are always on hand to discuss your funeral wishes. We will take all the time needed to fully discuss your wishes and requirements in detail, which may be very simple or much more complex.

  • 3. Set-up your payments

    Once you have selected the right plan for you, your Funeral Director will work with you to set-up your payments securely either as a lump sum payment or following your chosen installment plan.

  • 4. Tell your loved ones

    It’s important to let your family know that you have purchased a funeral plan, to share with them your wishes so they are aware when the time comes and all importantly, where to find your plan documents.

Frequently asked questions about funeral plans

  • Is my money safe in a funeral plan?

    A Funeral plan is not an investment product, but a secure way of paying for a funeral in advance. Irrespective of the payment option you chose, you can have complete confidence that your purchase is securely safeguarded.

    Our plans are administered by Golden Leaves Limited in association with a network of independent Funeral Directors.

    For plans involving a lump sum payment or 12-60 monthly instalments, these funds are paid directly into the Golden Leaves Trust which is managed by an independent board of Trustees.

    The funds accepted for funeral plans are held in an independently managed Trust, where it accumulates stable long-term growth, specifically to cover the increasing cost of funeral services.

    The fund is regulated in compliance with Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) order 2001 and is annually independently audited. As such it is subject to strict actuarial reporting ensuring it is solid, stable and above all, secure.

  • Can I buy a funeral plan for someone else?

    You can buy a funeral plan for someone else. If this is the case, please note this on your application. We will need to ask you for some information about the person to be covered, for example, name, address and date of birth, but all future correspondence will be sent to you.

  • What if I want to cancel my funeral plan?

    In contrast to an insurance policy for example, you can cancel your Golden Leaves Plan at any time and get a refund for a significant portion of your purchase price. We provide a full refund of all monies paid into a plan within 30 days from the date of application, subject to the terms and conditions of the plans sold at the time.

    After the cooling-off period, what happens depends on how you pay for your plan.

    • If you pay by a single payment, a fee equivalent to 20% of the total value of the plan is deducted.

    • If you pay by monthly instalments and have contributed over 20% of the total value of the plan, a fee equivalent to 20% of the total value of the plan is deducted. If you have contributed less, then there is no refund. Please note that the terms and conditions may vary from time to time.

  • Can I make changes to my funeral plan?

    You shouldn’t worry about taking the decision to make your plans now, we know that circumstances change throughout the years so we are happy to take direction from you should you wish to make changes to your initial plan. Although certain additions may increase the cost, you can be certain that the details you want will be respected in the service you get.

  • Can I choose a cremation our burial funeral plan?

    Plans in our range are based around the provision of a cremation and not a burial. If you would prefer a burial, then the value of the provision of a cremation will be put towards the cost of a burial plot. The additional cost for this plus any further costs that are associated with the provision of a memorial headstone, gravedigger fees, etc will need to be met by your family or estate.

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