Arranging a Muslim Funeral

We're here to support you through this difficult time.

A loss of an individual is not just regarded as a loss to the family but to the whole Muslim community as well.

During this time of difficulty, we are here to serve you in accordance to Islamic beliefs and etiquettes.

Whether you are looking to have a burial in the UK or seek advice from a worldwide repatriation service, we are here to make things easier for you.

Your first point of contact for arranging a funeral or repatriation service is to speak with Mehrez Boughdiri. Mehrez is available 7 days a week, is an Arabic, English and French speaker, with experience of arranging Muslim funerals and repatriations.

Mehrez as a practicing Muslim and fully understands the need for providing a service in accordance with the Islamic faith.

See our Practical Guide on Muslim Funerals for more information on our services, options and prices.

A Practical Guide