About Us

C.P.J.Field. - Funeral Directors

At CPJ Field, we are proud of our long family history of providing funeral services, which stretches back more than three centuries to the late 1600s.  Over the intervening years, the family business has been called upon to provide the funeral arrangements for the highest in the land, including monarchs and national heroes.

However, our family takes most pride in having helped thousands upon thousands of ordinary bereaved families during our long years in the profession.  This means that we have unrivalled experience and expertise to call upon when families need our services today and we now operate from over 30 funeral homes located across the Home Counties.

Our business is owned and actively managed by the Field family.  Our Board of Directors contains no fewer than five members of the Field family, as well as non-family members.

Some past and present family members that have been involved in the firm are pictured below. Sadly, there are no pictures remaining of Robert Field, William Field, or his son Robert.

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