Vaughan Ladyman

Funeral Director, Aylesbury and Wendover

My Story

Hi, I am Vaughan. I was born and raised in Aylesbury and still live in this lovely county town of Buckinghamshire. I am proud to have worked in the funeral industry for most of my working life. My uncle Bill introduced me to the industry and the rest is history. As I’ve been in the funeral industry for 35+ years, I make sure I look out for my colleague’s welfare, especially our newer colleagues.

In my early career I worked as a bus driver alongside the funeral industry, and I really enjoyed my time on the buses. I progressed to a chauffeur/bearer and at that time it was just driving hearses and limousines, then I was slowly introduced to doing callouts.

I have learned how to make and line coffins; vehicle maintenance, supported local charities and hospices, and I was always taught to look after every family member as if they were my own. This has always been my passion to make sure I always deliver work to the very highest standards at such a difficult time.

My current job role is a funeral director at CPJ Field, in which I oversee the day-to-day running of the business. Here at Aylesbury, we are particularly proud of the relationships we have developed with close partners in the local community – doctors, nurses, carers, palliative care professionals, clergy and the like – who we interact with on a daily basis. It really isn’t a job which is isolated, as you work very much part of the community, which is a great feeling. When I walk down my local high street, or around Aylesbury town, people stop me as I have conducted their loved one’s funeral in the past, so I always take time to chat to people.

Vaughan Ladyman

I have plenty of time for outside interests such as golf, music (especially vinyl) and spending time with my family.

We are not about arranging a funeral as quickly as possible and moving on to the next, we are about finding out what that person was about, what and who they loved, the music they listened to and their favourite places.