Your Funeral Wishes


Recording your funeral wishes

When it comes to our own funeral arrangements, many of us would like them to be an individual reflection of our identity and the life we have led.  There are many ways in which our unique personalities can be expressed, from the type of arrangements themselves to the music to be played at the ceremony, along with readings, flowers and the funeral vehicles.

One of the advantages of planning ahead is that with our bespoke plans, you can choose the exact type of arrangements that you want.  It also provides an opportunity for any wishes you may have to be recorded and kept safe with your plan details.  In this way, when the time eventually comes, you may be sure that your wishes will be respected.  It also means that the loved ones you leave behind are spared the sometimes stressful and emotional experience of doing their best to guess what your preferences would have been

Download the Funeral Wishes form and return it to your local CPJ Field funeral home.