Maria Strudwick

Lead Embalmer

My Story

My name is Maria Strudwick. I am the lead Embalmer with CPJ Field and have been working across the family business for over 5 years. I have been in this profession for 26 years doing a variety of roles including chauffer bearer, and Funeral Director. Predominantly my main role has been as a qualified Embalmer, where I am the happiest. I got into this profession by chance as I was walking my children to school one day, and decided I wanted to do something rewarding but different. So, I went into Haines in South Street, and spoke to the inhouse embalmer there at the time. He then put me in touch with the BIE.

I had to work 3 nights a week, as well as look after my children and run a house during the day, to help pay for my course which back then was a lot of money. I started an evening course once a week in Worthing. From that, I became a Trade Embalmer for many years, and one day while I was embalming, I was approached by a FD and asked if I could help them out on a funeral, bearing, which I enjoyed doing alongside embalming. This progressed and I also became a full-time chauffer bearer and embalmed before and after my 9-5 job.

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I then went on call and progressed to be a FD but didn’t complete this, as I left Dignity to become a full-time lead Embalmer for CPJ Field. I love my job. It is such an honour to be able to give the deceased person their dignity back and to help families with their grieving. We are a small team of 6 dedicated, passionate, and above all, a respectful diverse team.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, as we all enjoy each other’s company, and engaging in various activities like skiing, paddle boarding, holidaying, and cooking. But as I only live 2 minutes from the South Downs, the best relaxing activity is walking with my son’s French bulldog who somehow knows the direct route to the local, beautiful country pub.