Jobs for over 50’s

If you are over 50 and looking for a new job opportunity or change of career, there are options that might suit you, allowing you to work flexibly.

Returning to the workplace when over 50

Often by using your existing skills and knowledge, you can find exciting new roles that you may not have considered before and make a return to the workplace. Your experience that has been gained both in and out of the workplace, is highly valuable to employers. Employers are actively seeking over 50s who are reliable and committed, and employees are seeking something new, so both sides gain.

Working with CPJ Field after 50

At CPJ Field we have many varied and fulfilling opportunities, where community spirit and sociability is central to the role. We actively employ people looking to get back into work, or seeking a change in career.

We are looking for caring and motivated individuals with a range of skills and experience to join our dedicated family business. We are fortunate that many candidates can apply their knowledge, including their experience of caring for others, to the practical nature of what we do.