Funeral Service Team

Job Descriptions

Funeral Service Manager (FSM)

A FSM will manage the entire funeral delivery operation, including control of the central diary, communication of all orders and stock management. Leading a team of Funeral Service Team Members (FSTM), the FSM will assist their Funeral Director colleagues in ensuring all funeral homes are open and funerals delivered according to the needs of our customers. Ensuring proper maintenance of vehicles, excellence in presentation and the most economic use of company assets is a key part of this role.

The FSM knows the identity and whereabouts of every deceased person in the care of the Company and their status in relation to the funeral service, recording and communicating that information to others.

The FSM will promote the business within the local community. Another key duty is managing all financial matters relating to the provision of the funeral service. This includes both materials and personnel.

Funeral Service Team Leader (FSTL)

In addition to their duties as a member of the Funeral Service Team the FSTL will be actively involved in the day to day management and operation of the garage and workshops. Working closely with the FSM and Funeral Directors the FSTL is responsible for the presentation and turnout of the team and vehicles from the garage, ensuring all duties are carried out within Company guidelines and with care, compassion and professionalism.

The FSTL is responsible for the maintenance of high standards in the presentation and mechanical condition of all vehicles housed in the garage. This includes funeral vehicles, ambulances and support vehicles.

Where necessary the FSTL will maintain computerised and paper office systems, all in accordance with Company procedures and under the direct guidance of the local Manager.

Funeral Service Team Member (FSTM)

Funeral Service Team Members will provide support to Funeral Directors in the provision of funeral services for all CPJ Field funeral homes. They will be well presented, efficient and helpful in all matters to ensure that funerals are provided and customers, both living and deceased, cared for to the highest standard possible. They also share in ensuring that the reputation of the business is maintained at all times.

FSTMs are required to work flexibly in a tight knit team environment. Key duties include taking custody of deceased people for the Company from their place of death and ensuring their dignity and standard of care. They will participate in our out of hours rota. The FSTM rôle includes attendance as part of the team at the funeral, preparing funeral vehicles to an immaculate standard and driving these for the principal mourner party. As such they will have significant contact with customers and care for them during the funeral. They will also maintain, prepare and drive ambulances and support vehicles.

A FSTM will line and fit coffins and prepare those who have died for visits by friends and family.

They will also (in some areas) attend sudden deaths on behalf of HM Coroner and convey the deceased person to a public or hospital mortuary. All this is done with the dignity, care and professionalism which our customers are entitled to expect.