Where to start when someone dies

Whether you are reading this for yourself or because you are supporting someone else. This guide is an introduction to the various choices available to you.

Thinking ahead to a time when we may not be able to make decisions for ourselves and making plans now to ensure our preferences are carried out is not morbid or alarmist.

It is a sensible thing to do now that many of us live much longer than previous generations but we may also be incapacitated by a number of conditions associated with extreme old age. Making plans for such a possibility and for after our deaths is often helpful in alleviating anxiety and liberating us to live life to the full in the present. It can also be very reassuring for those close to us to know that we have recorded what we would want them to do on our behalf.

Research from the University of York found that for loved ones arranging a funeral, being able to follow last wishes provides a huge comfort. Last wishes do not have to be detailed or complex; leaving a favourite song could be enough for family and friends to feel reassured in gifting this one last task to the person who has died.

Take a look at our guide which is available below for more guidance.

Where to start when someone dies

As funeral directors, we have given the most detail on the services we can provide. For other services we have given an introduction and then suggested where you can get information and advice.