What should I wear to a funeral?

Funeral dress

Deciding what to wear to a funeral can be a tricky task, especially if you are wondering if the choice of clothes has changed in recent years or if traditional attire is still the best choice.

Our full guide gives you detail and advice around what to wear to a funeral, and what to avoid. To help you, the guide looks in detail to assist with answering some of these questions:

Is black still the traditional choice?

The tradition of wearing black goes back centuries, and many cultures throughout the world observe this custom. Black is considered modest, respectful, and understated, reflecting the sad emotions of the day. Today, black is still considered an appropriate choice. However, at some funerals a more colourful choice can be appropriate.

Funeral attire of men, women and children

Men’s funeral attire tends to be quite straightforward such as a suit, with a shirt, tie, and smart shoes. For women, a simple black dress is a good place to start. For children, there is a lot more flexibility when it comes to choosing their clothes. Unlike adults, it is not expected that they will wear black but simple, smart clothes are often the right choice.

What to avoid wearing to a funeral?

Flip flops, trainers, sportswear, ripped jeans, caps, strapless tops are just some of the items that would be best avoided when attending a funeral.

Do different religions have different expectations when it comes to what to wear to a funeral?

Different religions do have slightly different codes for funeral attire. Religions such as Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian religions all have differing traditions. It is worth checking on these before attending a funeral of that religion.

At CPJ Field we support our families with all the decisions around how they wish the funeral to be planned and this includes a discussion around funeral attire If there is any doubt for a family member or funeral attendee around what to wear to a funeral, always get in touch with the family or the funeral home who are making the funeral arrangements.

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