News - 01/06/2018

Statement on the announcement of reviews into the funeral sector

Because Every Life Is Unique

We welcome this morning’s announcements from HM Treasury and the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA).

Funeral Pricing

The cost of funerals is a subject that has been the focus of scrutiny for some time. We believe that everyone, regardless of means or background, is entitled to a dignified funeral ceremony. It is essential that all funeral directors are able to cater for the varying needs of our society, in financial, religious and cultural terms. We are pleased that today’s announcement includes a review of cremation fees which account for a large proportion of the overall cost to our customers.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It has long been our belief that funeral plans are best purchased via the funeral director who is committing to complete the funeral when the time comes. Recently, in some quarters, they have been viewed as a mechanism to achieve a “healthy commission” whilst neglecting the interests of bereaved families and those who will ultimately be charged with the funeral arrangements. Therefore a robust, and statutory, regulatory framework is necessary and we welcome this consultation.

As one of the UK’s leading funeral service providers we will engage with both HM Treasury and the CMA to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.