Are trends for simpler funerals removing the chance to celebrate a life?

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Simple cremations or direct cremations are a growing choice amongst families across the country, but we question to what extent families are considering all options before making this important choice?

Many funeral providers now offer a variety of services for those who do not want to arrange an attended ceremony on behalf of their loved one. We offer a funeral without a ceremony which includes the assistance of an experienced funeral director for so many aspects of the funeral arranging, but without a ceremony. This is an increasingly popular funeral choice for many of our families in the Southeast. As significant trends in changes to society gather pace, funeral choices are starting to open up across the country, and whilst this may seem liberating, it would be negligent of us not to wish to promote a real understanding of what families are getting and discourage those making quick choices or running the risk of misunderstanding what they are choosing, as for most this will be a lasting choice.

Our rich family history and heritage in the funeral sector has allowed us to see all sides and the impacts such decisions have had on families in our care; both positive and not so positive.

For most grief will descend as we mourn the change of circumstances and come to terms with the death of our loved one. Grief is no small event for most, and it is extremely important not to underestimate the purpose and meaning behind a send-off and to acknowledge how resonating this can be. In a recent Daily Mail article, Daisy Goodwin, highlights how when her mother died, she was grateful for a service and describes it as a time that ‘gives you a sense of control at a time when you feel most powerless’. She mentions how life affirming a funeral can be, not in the way a wedding can be of course, but how they are for the living, and she goes so far as to question if ‘our modern reluctance to have funerals denies us the chance to consider how lucky we are to be alive’. It is indeed a sobering thought.

Funeral choices and all-round support at CPJ Field

At CPJ Field, we prioritise caring for our families with compassion and support and understand that funeral planning can be overwhelming. We work hard to play a crucial part in providing emotional support at this difficult time too, and our work does not stop on the day of the funeral. With loneliness becoming epidemic, we run a comprehensive Never Alone programme to help support those needing extra kindness and support after a funeral, and long beyond this time.

As Alice Thompson, journalist at the Times, concludes in her recent article, the trend to ignore funeral planning and for funeral avoidance is concerning, and could be wrapped up in several modern issues such as the cost-of-living crisis, the fact that people are living longer and outlive their contemporaries, so are alone and isolated.

She writes ‘for some families a quick disposal of a life can seem easier’. However, she too, considers the benefits of honouring a life and making careful choices at this time.

Something we also promote and heartily agree with from Alice’s article, is the advantage and benefit of talking about your funeral wishes too with close family members.

Celebrating life

At CPJ Field, our preference is for families to talk through all the options with their local funeral director to choose the right funeral for them and their loved one.

We keep on top of trends and uphold traditions, yet we cater to all. Recent research at the University of Bath highlights how compromise, affordability and flexible choice are the main drivers for recently bereaved people in choosing a simple cremation, so we do understand that this can be right for some. Liberty Cremations, our direct cremation specialist, can help if choosing this option.

We arrange traditional funerals, unattended cremations (where family and friends are not in attendance), and modern celebrations of life which can be arranged in several forms. We do believe that ‘Every life is unique’, and every situation may be different and hence our priority will always be to provide a compassionate, relevant service to all. We pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver what people truly want.

Our preference will always be to ensure that families have researched and considered all options and that how we depart this world will be long-lasting for those close to us, and is not to be taken lightly.

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