Make it easier for your loved ones by recording your funeral wishes for certainty

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If you record your funeral wishes in advance, it can really help your loved ones. Specifying your funeral wishes will help to alleviate some of the worries and uncertainty for family and friends. Funeral wishes involve making plans and provisions for your own funeral, your personal preferences.

It means that your family won’t need to second-guess what you would have wanted. The death of a loved one is an emotional, confusing, and difficult time and if some consideration has been given to this in advance, it can help to reduce the emotional burden on your closest family members. Trying to plan a funeral for a deceased relative or friend without any instructions can be very stressful and can result in disagreements and arguments.

Record your funeral wishes to include instructions about the service

For family and friends left behind, there are numerous decisions that have to be made including burial or cremation, type of coffin, floral tributes and other features. This arrangement process will be made simpler for them if instructions have been left ahead of time. Having a clear funeral plan will be a big help to the family and will also help your chosen funeral director give you an accurate estimate of the costs involved. They can also give you the right professional advice to define your funeral wishes.

The benefits of leaving your wishes

  • Protects your family from having to make the decisions
  • Gives family and friends peace of mind
  • Gives you the confidence that your wishes are confirmed
  • Alleviates the stress, anxiety and pressure at the time of death
  • Can save your family money by avoiding unnecessary spending
  • Saves time so family and friends can spend time giving each other support and comfort
  • Helps to heated discussions and avoid arguments
  • Promotes inner peace that the family is doing what you wanted
  • Gives you the confidence that your wishes are confirmed

How to record your funeral wishes?

You can leave your funeral wishes in your Will or fill out a Funeral Wishes form provided by us.

You must sign and have the document witnessed and try to keep it up to date. It’s a good idea to keep the document with your Will. You may also like to give a copy of your funeral wishes to your closest relatives. It should be noted that funeral wishes are not legally binding. The executors that you appoint are considered the decision makers for your funeral arrangements. In practice, it’s family members who make these arrangements. We therefore suggest that when you record your funeral wishes, they are written down in a separate document.

Using our form makes it easier and ensures you cover all aspects of the arrangements. This will give you peace of mind that your wishes are detailed.

Download a Funeral Wishes Form

Funeral plans

In addition, you can prearrange your funeral and pay for it in advance.

We can help you with tailored, bespoke and no ceremony funeral plans and guide you on which plan is best for you. Our plans are provided in partnership with Golden Leaves.

Considerations and choices to include in funeral wishes

  • Your personal details
  • Next of kin
  • Name/s of who is responsible for carrying out your wishes
  • Your will and executor
  • Donation of organs
  • Cremation or burial
  • Where your ashes should be scattered
  • Name of the Funeral Director
  • Type of funeral – religious, non-religious, humanist, celebrant choice etc.
  • Where you would like to attend the funeral service
  • Casket or coffin
  • Flowers and donations
  • Music, poems, readings, photos and eulogies
  • What to wear, dress code
  • Modes of transport – hearse, special arrangements
  • How to celebrate – party, permanent memorial etc.

Using our form makes it easier and ensures you cover all aspects of the arrangements. This will give you peace of mind that your wishes are detailed.

Download a Funeral Wishes Form

Should I talk to a funeral director about my funeral wishes?

It makes a lot of sense to talk to your funeral director ahead of time. We will be pleased to help you think about the type of funeral you want. You can also get to know the costs involved and the prepaid funeral plans that are available to you.

How can we help you with funeral wishes?

You plan for virtually everything in life such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and retirement, so it makes a lot of sense to plan and record your funeral wishes too. Somebody will need to be responsible and take charge of your funeral plans, so why shouldn’t that person be you?

Unfortunately, lots of people don’t leave details of their funeral wishes. At CPJ Field, we are happy to help guide you to make it easier having this conversation.

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