How to navigate the pitfalls of probate


Probate, the legal process of dealing with an individual’s estate, can, in the UK, be a slow process which puts strain on families, leaving some unable to access funds for some time. The service, managed by the Ministry of Justice, has been battling for years to clear a backlog of cases.

We have seen families struggle with the process as they wait for assets such as cash savings, ISAs, shares, or property to be released following the grant of probate.

Our guide looks closely at the common pitfalls that you need to be aware of so that by being forearmed you are more able to anticipate the path that you will be taking to get through the process.

We look in detail at how you can expediate the probate process such as how to organise the necessary documents, how to ensure that your forms don’t get returned and have accurate and complete documentation, what conversations you need to have with beneficiaries to prevent delays, and how you can keep in touch with the probate service after the 16-week period of time has lapsed.

How can CPJ Field help?

CPJ Field has been supporting families for 300 years with their individual funeral planning arrangements. We also refer families locally to a wide range of legal services across the South-East for independent, professional advice on probate and other estate management services.

Our team are always here for you for an open and friendly conversation and to help when legal processes get difficult. Contact us for further information and advice.

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