Reading, Mindfulness & Meditation, and Sharing Photos: some more tools to help manage grief

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We often get asked what tools we recommend to help individuals and families manage grief. Grieving is deeply personal. Whilst it is a very natural part of the healing process, it can feel extremely tough to cope with.

It is often associated with a range of emotions, from anger to sadness, and from guilt to shock. It has no set timeline, so it is important to be kind to yourself at such a challenging time.

We have prepared a full guide to help you but here are three of our top recommendations:


You can find solace in literature (and music) that helps you process your thoughts and resonates with your feelings. Our full guide has some top books that are highly recommended.


Practising mindfulness and meditation can be a very useful tool to help you stay grounded and manage overwhelming emotions. Exercises such as yoga and breathing techniques are all very calming and help lessen the psychological and physical effects. These techniques can assist you in being present in the moment and finding moments of peace amongst the grief.

Sharing Photos

As an important part of the grieving process, rituals such as sharing photos can relieve the burden of grief by promoting acceptance and honour your loved one. Take time to think of rituals that may help you work through grief.

How can CPJ Field help?

With many years of experience of helping bereaved families, we understand how to support people, and we put kindness and compassion as our top priorities when looking after families who use our funeral services. Our Never Alone programme, is also a popular resource. Launched in 2018, CPJ Field’s Never Alone seeks to provide community initiatives designed to tackle loneliness and build links between people and their local communities. Never Alone recently has been expanded to signpost and provide more resources to help with bereavement, grief and other emotional needs plus provide practical support to those who need it too. Available across all our funeral homes.

For a more comprehensive guide on tools to help you get through grief, please see our dedicated guide.

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