Funeral Service Training At The CPJ Field Academy

First aid training

As 300-year-old funeral directors, we have extensive years of experience with training colleagues across many generations.

CPJ Field’s Academy has been developed to provide a comprehensive, consistent, and up-to-the minute training programme and we are proud of today’s dedicated training team who help manage the programme so efficiently.

Our core part of our role within our communities is to provide advice, information, and guidance to families in all aspects of funeral arranging and care. We ensure that our teams can care equally for the person that has died and for family members who require extra support at a difficult time, as well as those family members left behind. Due to the nature of what we do, our profession is demanding of our colleagues who experience both challenges and rewards day-to-day.

CPJ Field’s Academy is available not only to new personnel but also to all colleagues who have been with us for some time. The aim is to equip everyone with the knowledge, information and skills that they require to be effective in their roles and to carry out their funeral service duties to the highest standard possible.

Benefits of funeral service training at the CPJ Field Academy

  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Improved skill sets
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Attracts new talent
  • Consistently high standards of care for our customers

Training helps team members with their career progression

Funeral service training at the CPJ Field Academy allows us to teach colleagues the skills they will need in their current role. They will also have the information required to fulfil everyday tasks. Training enables colleagues to develop so that they can take the next step in their career progression within our company. Training also helps team members to develop skills needed for the jobs they are doing today and the ones they may be doing tomorrow.

Aspects of the funeral service training at the CPJ Field Academy

  • Funeral Home – how it runs
  • Funeral arranging – unique, bespoke funerals, assisting families and funerals for children
  • Cremation – delivering advice and assistance
  • Burial – burial plots, coffin drills
  • Different faiths – understanding rituals
  • Homeland International – repatriation
  • Health & Safety – manual handling
  • Local knowledge and information – where to find local resources
  • Guiding the family – helping grieving and overwhelmed families

It starts with onboarding, the training cycle that any new colleague joining CPJ Field goes through, so that they become familiar and comfortable with their new role and the company itself.

Types of funeral service training at the CPJ Field Academy

  • Induction
  • In-house 7 day programme – Funeral Arrangers and Funeral Directors
  • Three day classroom training –workers in garages, mortuaries, workshops and ambulance drivers
  • Specialist days

Training helps our team to give support in whatever role they have within the company

This is a very difficult time for families, and so members of our teams are fully trained so they can offer the support that is required in whatever role they have, from Funeral Director to Funeral Service Team Members. The induction is a 10-point programme to enable colleagues to provide the best service to families and the best care to the deceased people entering our care.

Benefits of training

  • Increases performance
  • Delivers essential knowledge
  • Develops and improves skills
  • Meets compliance standards
  • Keeps employees notified of changes and updates
  • Consistently excellent standards of care

Compassionate support for the grieving family

The special skills that are required in the funeral industry are compassion, empathy, and attention to detail. Employees also need to communicate sensitively by reading a situation to support family members where needed. Providing the right support is an integral part of the role as well as assisting with administrative duties, floral tributes, and burial or cremation requests. These can be from a funeral home, cemetery or office depending on their working environment.

The results of training

Funeral service training at the CPJ Field Academy has both lowered our employee turnover and lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, as reflected by our customer feedback and reviews. The importance we place on career progression is also aimed at developing leadership skills, as we firmly believe all our colleagues are potential leaders of the company and leaders in the profession. Colleagues also have the opportunity to pursue industry recognised qualifications with the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Would you like a career with us?

If you are looking for a change of career, you do not need any relevant experience, only a strong sense of compassion, empathy and commitment as well as being a good communicator, organiser and able to offer excellent customer service. The Academy offers apprenticeships, awareness programmes and certifications.

If this is something you would like to do, with the reassurance that you will be fully trained, please visit our Jobs page or contact us. All in all, your main role is to make a difficult time, a little easier.