Alternative ways for Ashes to be interned


Alternative ways you can remember a loved one using their ashes

Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records are making a comeback, for some their record collection is one of the most precious things in their life. It is only fitting then that for true music fans ashes can be pressed into vinyl records. The ashes have to be sprinkled into the vinyl at its rawest form and pressed together at the same time as the grooves. The presence of the ashes has no effect on the manner in which the record can be played meaning you can have your favourite song pressed into the vinyl at the same time.

Memorial Trees

Biodegradable urns are another way to immortalise the memories of a loved one. Ashes are placed inside the urns, together with the vital nutrients for plant life, these can then be buried outside. The urns will biodegrade, mixing the plant proteins and ashes in the natural soil to begin the germination of a pre-selected seed which is also placed inside the urn.

Advancements in incubation technology now also make it possible for bio-urns to be planted in a pot at home meaning the growth can be witnessed first-hand.


In today’s society mixing ashes with ink to create memorial tattoos is becoming increasingly more common.

A small amount of the ash is sterilised before being shaken into the ink. Before this process was used for tattoos, famous comic book artist Mark Gruenwald’s ashes were mixed with ink and printed into copies of the book he wrote, Squadron Supreme.

Stained Glass

Glassblowing is an art in itself and is the process of combining molten glass with crushed coloured glass to create wonderful pieces of jewellery. Much like the ink, it is possible to mix small amounts of ashes in with the molten glass at the beginning of the process to immortalise a loved one in a beautiful piece of vibrant glass which can be displayed on worn.


Diamonds may be historically the first alternative application of ashes. It was in the 1950s that scientists began growing diamonds using this unique process. Ashes are analysed to determine the composition and the carbon is carefully extracted so it can be missed with a diamond growing foundation. This mixture is incubated at extremely high heats to create a unique diamond that is then cut and polished, ensuring a perfect shining memorial for the person who has passed.

Space: The final frontier

There are some companies that take scattering ashes to the extreme. One of these being taking them into outer space. There are a variety of options which range from just leaving the Earth’s atmosphere to journeying far beyond the moon.

Under the sea

If outer space isn’t your thing there are options for ashes to be interned below sea level. There are companies that will mix ashes with a special environmental concrete to create a small dome. A memorial plaque is added and families are given the chance to visit the special domes and write messages on them before they are lowered on to the sea floor. The special concrete does not cause any harm to aquatic wildlife and creates a liveable recreation reef under the sea.

Bespoke Urns

Every life is unique and not everyone wants the ashes of their loved one scattered of used in one of the aforementioned processes. Bespoke Urns are another way people store ashes, these can range from simple urns that contain personal photographs to more lavish designs such as hourglasses, or even teddy bears.